Sunday, June 24, 2012

The difference 3 months can make...

I wanted to create a post to show specifically how much permanent breast implants "settle" after the exchange from temporary expanders. The following pictures are my results.

10 days post exchange
3 months post exchange
Not too much difference there. You can tell that the implants are sitting a little bit lower than they did immediately after surgery. See? Gravity hits implants, too. LOL!

10 days post exchange, left side
3 months post exchange, left side
You can see the difference in "settling" a little better. The dreaded armpit caves are still there, however, they don't seem to be as pronounced as they were immediately following surgery. I will have an additional surgery on June 25, 2012 to correct these caves & extra skin, as well as nipple reconstruction.

10 days post exchange, right side
3 months post exchange, right side
Again, you can tell the slope of the breasts has changed. Since all the breast tissue is gone, 3 months after the exchange, I can tell the difference in where the implant begins. I can choose to have fat grafting (a procedure where fat is taken from another part of the body & transpanted to another part) should I decide that my breast slope doesn't look as natural as I would like.

10 days post exchange
3 months post exchange
I was standing in a different postition, but you can see how much fuller the implants are. They really did "fluff" out, just like I was told! On the left side, I am beginning to see (and feel) a breast crease again! Immediately after surgery, the implants were stiff. I was instructed by my surgeon to massage them, to help soften them. Now, they feel like breasts. I can't wait to have my nipples reconstructed tomorrow!!

The next set of pictures impressed me when I saw them.....

10 days post exchange
3 months post exchange
Right after surgery, I really had to press to get that cleavage picture. Tonight, 3 months later, it's easy for me to squeeze them together and I love the cleavage I have!

The next set of pictures, well, all I can say is that I haven't been able to do this since November 1, 2011....the date of my double mastectomy. WEAR A BRA!!!

I can wear and fill out a 36C! I don't have to wear one since they are forever perky now, but I like the shape that a good bra gives. Once my sides are corrected, it will be more comfortable to wear one. Watch out Victoria's Secret, I'll be ready!

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  1. Thank you for this post!! I just went bra shopping today (for a second time) to try to find the right bra post exchange surgery. I am about 2 1/2 weeks post exchange and I am kinda bummed that it's difficult for me to achieve that cleavage look! But thankfully I know I will in time! You are looking great! - J.